1.     Background:

Afghanistan Health Assessment Center (AHAC) is a Center that provides medical screening for immigrants traveling abroad and Health services & vaccination for local & international Organizations and personal in Afghanistan.
The operations of the Center are based in Taimany, Kabul, Afghanistan. Taimnay is located in the 4th district of Kabul city, which is home to the modern healthcare and hospitals of Kabul city. The region is well served with essential infrastructure, including power, water, and telephone and road network.

 2.1  Vision & Mission

 Vision: Our vision is that individuals and migrants benefit from an improved standard of physical, mental and social wellbeing, which enables them to substantially contribute towards the social and economic development of their home communities and host societies

Mission: Our mission is to empower individuals and communities in collaboration with social and civic institutions and private sector

Values: AHAC will consider the following core values in all its activities as well as in its internal structure.

  • Respect for cultural diversity and beliefs
  • Gender equity,
  • Special attention to vulnerable groups of the society,
  • Consultative decision-making,
  • Efficiency,
  • Transparency and accountability,
  • No discrimination,
  • Respect for human rights and human dignity,
  • Belief in principle of non-violence,
  • Respect for principle of democracy,
  • Collaboration

2.2  Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives of AHAC include to:

  • Provide health assessment to immigrants traveling to abroad
  • Provide health assessment and diagnostic services to general public and organizations employees
  • Operate on sustainable basis for profit.
  • Use the surplus generated from the business to expand the services to national and international level.
  • Help poor population and environment to go green

 We are the only UK approved center in Afghanistan, for more information please see the link below:

 We are the only Australia approved center in Afghanistan, for more information please see the link below:


 We are the only New Zealand approved center in Afghanistan, for more information please see the link below: