In order to know what is the main cause of tuberculosis , we must know that, if you look at the history of tuberculosis, you will see that there were many superstitions about this disease in the distant past.

But the truth is that tuberculosis is a contagious infectious disease that affects the lungs more than any other organ. Most of the world’s doctors believed that tuberculosis would be eradicated by the year 2000, but this belief was fundamentally wrong.

New cases of tuberculosis have spread in recent years, which shows that this disease is on the rise.

What is the main cause of tuberculosis ?

Tuberculosis bacillus or Mycobacterium tuberculosis: the main cause of tuberculosis

The main cause of tuberculosis can be considered a microscopic rod-shaped microbe that has a size of 0.000003 meters and is known as “tuberculosis bacillus”. This microbe is so small that it can be immersed in the air. Therefore, this microbe may easily enter the body of a sick person into the body of a healthy person. It is enough for a sick person to cough or sneeze in the air to get 3000 microscopic particles into the air at once. These particles remain suspended in the air for a long time. Even in dried sputum and suspended dust, they can survive up to 10 days. The maximum time these microbes can survive is about a few months.

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Weak immune system: the main cause of tuberculosis

The main cause of tuberculosis is if the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis enters the person’s body and the immune system is strong, this microbe will not be able to progress in the person’s body. It is also possible that most people show mild symptoms and are not much affected by this disease. Having underlying diseases can increase the severity of the disease.

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Of course, be careful that the main cause of tuberculosis is not necessarily breathing in polluted air or contact with a sick person. It may be that the person’s immune system is strong and does not allow the spread of germs in the body.

But if a healthy person is in contact with a sick person for a long time or if the level of environmental pollution is high, the possibility of contracting tuberculosis and the destruction of the defense wall will increase. If the sick person immediately thinks of drug treatment, the possibility of transmitting tuberculosis to others will be less. However, those around the infected patient should take more care in relation to tuberculosis.

In what kind of places is the prevalence of tuberculosis more?

After getting to know the main cause of tuberculosis, we should know that since the growth and multiplication of tuberculosis bacillus is more in cool, humid and dark environment, it is possible to imagine the spread of tuberculosis in countries with moist and humid climate.

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Crowded, high-traffic, unventilated, closed and cold places are usually places prone to the growth and spread of this microbe. As a result, the prevalence of tuberculosis in tropical countries can be considered lower than normal, because the tuberculosis bacillus will be destroyed when exposed to sunlight.

What are the symptoms of tuberculosis?

Among the most common symptoms of tuberculosis after the main cause of tuberculosis are fever, severe night sweats, chronic and frequent coughs, blood sputum, severe weight loss, chest pain, lethargy, shortness of breath, and swollen lymph nodes. Of course, tuberculosis can be external and includes different types such as tuberculosis meningitis, urinary tuberculosis, pleural tuberculosis, miliary tuberculosis, gastrointestinal tuberculosis and lymph node tuberculosis. On the other hand, Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria may enter the body and remain hidden for a long time, which means that a person may have tuberculosis for years without knowing it.

Many people believe that tuberculosis has been eradicated, but research shows otherwise. Nowadays, the prevention of tuberculosis is much easier than in the past.
According to doctors, more than a third of the world’s people have encountered tuberculosis, but this disease has not been able to progress in their bodies.

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This lung disease can be treated after knowing the main cause of tuberculosis, and reliable ways to treat it can be introduced by relying on today’s advanced science. It is recommended to stay away from a person suffering from tuberculosis if you suspect that they have the disease and take necessary care in contact with them until the treatment is complete and thus protect your health.