In order to know what are the Symptoms and causes of tuberculosis , it should be said that during the past few centuries, tuberculosis was known as one of the most deadly diseases. Today, the severity and prevalence of this disease has decreased to a great extent, but its scars are still strong.
Therefore, it cannot be considered an eradicated disease. It is still possible to develop tuberculosis under certain conditions.

Therefore, it is very important to increase your knowledge about the Symptoms and causes of tuberculosis as a contemporary human being. This infectious disease seriously affects the patient’s lungs and the severity of its contagion is very high. With one sneeze or cough of a sick person, several people around him who are prone to tuberculosis may get this disease. Next, we will describe the Symptoms and causes of tuberculosis .

Symptoms and causes of tuberculosis

What is the main cause of the spread of tuberculosis?

If we want to find the main cause of Symptoms and causes of tuberculosis , we must mention a type of bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which enters the body coincident with tuberculosis.
This bacteria first affects the lungs and then goes to other organs. Tuberculosis is a highly contagious disease and a person may get this disease by breathing in polluted air. However, if your immune system is strong and you do not have underlying diseases, it is very likely that your body will fight this disease.

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What is the cause of tuberculosis in developed countries?

When developed countries thought that they got rid of tuberculosis disease forever, this disease intensified again. A major part of the reason for the spread of tuberculosis in developed countries was the emergence of HIV. The HIV virus severely weakens the patient’s immune system, so the patient’s body will not be able to fight against tuberculosis. Several programs were developed to reduce tuberculosis in these countries, the result of which was the reduction of tuberculosis in the beginning of the 1990s, however, tuberculosis is still a worrying and dangerous disease, and one should know more about the Symptoms and causes of tuberculosis .

Is there a cure for tuberculosis?

Unfortunately, tuberculosis has different strains, and some of these strains are highly resistant to therapeutic drugs.

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As a result, people who get tuberculosis must have a high level of persistence in using the medicine and never stop taking the medicine, because if the medicine is stopped, the infection will intensify again and the previous medicine will no longer be effective. However, nowadays, due to the development and progress of medical science, tuberculosis is not as worrying as it used to be, and knowing the Symptoms and causes of tuberculosis , it can be prevented and controlled.

What are the types of tuberculosis and what are their symptoms?

To check the Symptoms and causes of tuberculosis , it should be said that tuberculosis has two types, latent and active. These two types of tuberculosis have different symptoms. In latent tuberculosis, your body practically does not show any reaction or reaction and you will not have any symptoms. This type of tuberculosis is not contagious, but it has the ability to become active tuberculosis. Therefore, taking the treatment process is one of the most important measures to prevent the spread.

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Active TB is another type of TB disease that is likely to knock a person down.

Among the symptoms of active tuberculosis, we can mention frequent coughing, coughing up blood, bloody sputum, chest pain especially when breathing, severe weight loss, chronic fatigue, fever, night sweats, body chills, shortness of breath, anorexia. You must pay attention to the Symptoms and causes of tuberculosis .

What are the symptoms of external tuberculosis from the lung?

Be careful that the mentioned cases are the symptoms and causes of pulmonary tuberculosis, and the symptoms of tuberculosis differ according to which organs the disease affects. For example, tuberculosis in the spine may cause severe back pain and lead to bloody urine in the kidneys. Disturbances in the digestive system, joint damage, swelling of the membranes covering the brain, liver problems and heart disorders are other symptoms of tuberculosis outside the lungs.

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The point that should be mentioned about tuberculosis is that this disease is in the category of imitative diseases, which means that it mimics the symptoms of other diseases, so identifying tuberculosis is not an easy task and requires a medical test to check the Symptoms and causes of tuberculosis . has it. Tuberculosis patients should continue to take the prescribed drugs until the treatment period is complete.