In order to know who is susceptible to tuberculosis , it should be said that after people are surprised by the existence of tuberculosis in this era, questions are formed in their minds.

One of the questions raised about tuberculosis is which group of people are most susceptible to tuberculosis ?  A group of people have a stronger background for contracting tuberculosis.

People’s opinion is that tuberculosis is more prevalent in developing countries and the third world, so people who live in these countries are more likely to suffer from tuberculosis and are more exposed to tuberculosis.

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But this is not the whole story. There are different categories of people who are more likely to be involved in this disease. Therefore, it is not possible to create only one category and place the people of developing countries in it. In the following, we will examine the people who are more likely to be susceptible to tuberculosis .

Who is more susceptible to tuberculosis ?

People who are in contact with disabled patients

It may be safe to say that the highest incidence of tuberculosis is among nurses and doctors who are in contact with disabled patients and are more susceptible to tuberculosis .

These nurses can take care of disabled patients at home or nurse patients in hospitals and clinics. Just as we lost a large number of nurses during the corona outbreak due to taking care of corona patients, the story is the same in the case of tuberculosis. Nurses and doctors are among the people who are at high risk of contracting tuberculosis infection. Family members and people who take care of the patient at home are also more likely to be exposed to tuberculosis, so they must follow safety measures.

Poor countries with low levels of health

Communities that have a poor health level and health services in them are of low quality are usually susceptible to tuberculosis and are at risk of tuberculosis.

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The world’s most populous countries with low income levels can be included in this list. Some of these countries have a high prevalence rate of tuberculosis, so there is a chance for people to get this disease in these countries.

People who are kept in special centers

People who live in camps, centers for the elderly, prisons, sanatoriums, and shelters are mostly susceptible to tuberculosis because of their collective life in an environment with a poor level of hygiene.

People addicted to injecting drugs

People who use injectable drugs are at high risk of contracting tuberculosis. These people may get diseases that weaken the immune system, such as HIV, mainly due to the use of shared syringes with other drug addicts. Therefore, the possibility of contracting tuberculosis is also high in these people because they are more prone to contracting tuberculosis.

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People with a weak immune system

Some people have a weak immune system and are susceptible to tuberculosis. These people may have infectious diseases or underlying diseases. As a result, their immune system is weaker than other people. They are more likely to get tuberculosis.

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People who have had a history of tuberculosis

If a person has been infected with tuberculosis in the past two years and has not completed treatment, the possibility of contracting tuberculosis again is very high. That is why it is recommended to complete the course of tuberculosis treatment, even though this period is long.

People with underlying diseases or taking certain medications

People who have diabetes, suffer from silicosis, have respiratory problems such as asthma, have chronic kidney failure, have experienced long-term corticosteroid treatments, take drugs used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, have psoriasis, have are malnourished and severely underweight, are suffering from infectious diseases, are taking organ transplant drugs, or are suffering from cancer, are also more likely to be exposed to tuberculosis because all these people have a weaker immune system than others have.

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Many things can affect the risk of contracting tuberculosis. In fact, various parameters can increase the probability of contracting tuberculosis, the most important of which were mentioned.

In addition to these cases, it is possible to mention the high age or low age. The prevalence of tuberculosis in some countries of the world such as African countries, Asian countries, Eastern Europe and Latin America is higher than other countries of the world.

On the other hand, it is better for tobacco and drug users to reconsider the use of these substances because it increases the possibility of contracting tuberculosis.