australia panel physicians in Afghanistan for Medical examination required in Australia :

The Australian Government mandates the completion of an Australian Visa Medical.

The Home Affairs department’s guidelines are followed in conducting this examination.

All applicants are given a thorough physical examination. For applicants who are 11 years of age or older, a chest X-ray, a urine test, and a blood test are performed.

These investigations are carried out at the facility; outside tests from hospitals are not accepted.

The doctor may also order any additional tests that are required to process the medical report, in addition to these tests.

Australian High Commission’s requirements for the examination:

age 0–2 (medical examination)

(Medical exam + TST or IGRA) 2-5 years

(Medical Exam + Urine Test + TST or IGRA) 5–10 years Ages 11 to 15 (medical examination, urine test, and chest X-ray)

older than 15 years (medical examination plus urine test plus chest x-ray plus HIV antibodies if applying for permanent visa)

The type of visa—permanent or temporary—as well as the length of stay if the visa is temporary determine whether a medical examination is necessary.

australia panel physicians in Afghanistan may recommend any additional test that will be charged separately in addition to the one mentioned above.

The Home Affairs department may suggest additional tests after receiving the medical report. These expenses are also billed separately.

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NoteIf children have a history of TB disease or have been exposed to TB cases, a chest X-ray may also be necessary.


Before coming in for your medical exam, you must submit your visa application, either through eVisa or the Australian Embassy.

Bring the letter from the Home Affairs department and your HAP ID/ TRN number-containing Health Examination List or Examination Referral Letter. Since none of the initial blood and urine tests require a fasting state, applicants are allowed to eat before arriving for their medical examination.

It is advised that females in the reproductive age group avoid scheduling medical exams during their periods to avoid having to return after one month a week following the final day of their period.

Children between the ages of 2 and 10 must receive To rule out TB infection, TST is used. A reading of this test takes 48 to 72 hours. To read the test results between the specified times, the child must reappear.

Please confirm that you can return with your child to read the test. The test must be read at AHAC in order for the medical report to be finished.

TST may be substituted with the IGRA test, a blood examination that aids in the diagnosis of latent tuberculosis infection. IGRA only needs one visit as opposed to the two visits needed for TST.

An additional benefit over TST is improved specificity. TST, however, is less expensive than IGRA.

An intradermal test might be preferred by some applicants over providing 4 ml of blood.

Contact the AHAC for more information about these tests. On the day of the exam, you are advised to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing.

Women who are pregnant

must wait until the end of the first trimester to have a chest x-ray taken if they are less than three months along.

The medical will be postponed until the chest x-ray is completed. To protect the fetus, an x-ray is performed after three months of pregnancy under a double lead guard cover.

If a candidate chooses not to have an x-ray while pregnant, their medical records will not be complete, and their visa application will be put on hold until the x-ray is performed at the AHAC.


 On the day of the appointment, kindly bring the aforementioned paperwork and items.

  1. A genuine, one photocopy Tazkira or original passport. 1 front-facing, PP-sized photograph with a white background
  2. Each applicant must show up in person for the medical exam.
  3. A letter from the Home Affairs department and your HAP ID or TRN number-containing examination referral letter or health examination list.
  4. Any prior surgical or medical notes, as well as any prescriptions for medications, INCLUDING EYEGLASSES.

When appropriate, kindly bring the following items:

  1. Previous chest x-rays taken no more than six months before the medical exam 2. A thorough medical certificate for a clinically significant illness that has been previously treated or is being managed,

which should include the following information:

  1. The length and date of the treatment
  2. The type of surgery or medical intervention
  3. The complete and final diagnosis
  4. Treatment or treatment plans’ results and prognosis information, if it is available.


 On the day of the medical examination, all applicants are kindly asked not to wear excessive jewelry or bring any large bags.

Any additional visitors to the applicant might not be permitted entry to the AHAC. Do not bring along anyone else to serve as your attendant or escort.

Only applicants who require special assistance are permitted to bring one companion to the AHAC.

Before coming in for a medical exam, please let the AHAC know if you need special assistance.


The disease pulmonary tuberculosis is contagious. From one person to the next, this spreads. The TB germs can persist in the body for an extremely long time and can become active at any time period of life.

Some people who contract this illness may never show any signs of it. Some people may experience symptoms such as fever, a prolonged, unexplained cough, weight loss, and night sweats.

Scarring of the lung tissue results from this disease’s attack on the lungs. The chest x-ray often reveals this scarring. The host nation’s radiologist examines and reports on the x-rays.

Afghanistan is among the nations with a high burden of pulmonary tuberculosis. This is why the host country demands that any abnormality that might be indicative of either old or active TB be examined using a sputum smear and a sputum culture on three consecutive days, early in the morning and on an empty stomach.

A negative test’s outcome isn’t available until eight weeks have passed. There is no choice but to wait for the outcomes of the sputum smear and culture.

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Visit the country’s online information pages about visa medical examinations to learn more about these rules. The sputum examination may not be necessary under normal circumstances at any other doctor’s office, but the host country’s guidelines are very clear that it must be performed in every instance where the chest x-ray is suggestive any anomaly at all.

Before the applicants depart for the intended country, this test eliminates any possibility of them having active TB.

Applicants are asked not to argue with the AHAC staff about this test because the AHAC cannot, under any circumstances, waive off this requirement.

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