Tuberculosis is a very serious and dangerous disease that can lead a person to death if neglected, but what is Probability of surviving tuberculosis ?

If you take a look at the death statistics of tuberculosis in the world, you will see that this disease has not had a low rate of infection and death, and the Probability of surviving tuberculosis is high. Therefore, patients may lose their hope for treatment in the first place and consider themselves victims of this dangerous disease.

But despite having tuberculosis, there is still a high chance of surviving tuberculosis and recovering one’s health. If you want to know how long you can survive from tuberculosis and how likely it is to survive from tuberculosis, then stay with us.

Probability of surviving tuberculosis

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Does hidden tuberculosis cause death?

In order to know how likely it is Probability of surviving tuberculosis , we must say that if we say that one third of the world’s people have hidden tuberculosis and go about their daily lives without knowing it, will you believe it?

The truth is that a large number of people in the world are suffering from latent tuberculosis and are living their daily lives in perfect health. These people have tuberculosis infection in their body, but their immune system is strong and therefore they have the ability to fight this infection.

A person with latent tuberculosis cannot infect others and can live for years without showing symptoms of the disease. This disease becomes dangerous when it becomes active tuberculosis and after that we have to look for the Probability of surviving tuberculosis .

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How long will a person with active tuberculosis live?

If we want to talk about the duration or Probability of surviving tuberculosis , a person with active tuberculosis must first of all refer to the person’s care method. How long a person with active tuberculosis lives depends on how well the person takes care of their health and when they see a doctor.

If the person goes to the doctor so late that the microbes have gained strength and the person’s body does not respond to the drugs, unfortunately, the person cannot survive for a long time and the Probability of surviving tuberculosis from tuberculosis decreases.

But if active tuberculosis is recognized in the early stages and the person immediately goes to the doctor to get drug treatment, there is a very good possibility of being able to be cured and can live for years after complete treatment.

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Is it possible for a person to die despite drug treatment?

This concern exists for most patients with active tuberculosis. They are worried that if they get treatment, they still have a high chance of dying. When a person may be drawn to death if he does not take care and consistency in taking medicines.

Therefore, if the drugs are not taken on time or if the drugs are stopped after two or three months, the tuberculosis disease may recur and this time it will be more severe than the last time because the microbes have become resistant to the drugs this time and against it. They do not react.

Therefore, the doctor must prescribe other drugs for the patient, and if the drugs do not have the power to fight against resistant microbes, the person will most likely die. Therefore, the Probability of surviving tuberculosis from tuberculosis will be realized under a certain condition.

Does survival from tuberculosis depend on certain factors?

Probability of surviving tuberculosis   depends on how well a person takes care of their health. The person should take the prescribed medicines on time.

On the other hand, if a person does not have any underlying disease and his immune system is strong, there is a very high Probability of surviving tuberculosis that he can fight the tuberculosis germ and survive.

As a result, the length of time a person survives after contracting tuberculosis depends on many parameters. The more healthy and hygienic the person’s living environment is, the more resistant the patient’s immune system is, and the more consistent the use of medicines is, the longer the person’s Probability of surviving tuberculosis will be.

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After being diagnosed with tuberculosis, the first thing that many patients think about is how likely they are to Probability of surviving tuberculosis .

In response to these concerns, we must say that the patient’s survival time depends on the type of tuberculosis and the level of care of the individual.

If tuberculosis is latent and a person has a strong immune system, he will be able to live for many years, but if tuberculosis is active, this time depends on factors such as the time to see a doctor, the progress of the disease, the level of patient care and the immune system. It depends on the patient’s body and the continuation of taking the drugs.