What is The possibility of eradicating tb ? When talking about tuberculosis, most people remember the deadly nature of this disease and horrible stories about the killings that have been carried out in recent centuries.

But when it comes to tuberculosis in the present era, people think that this disease has been eradicated and The possibility of eradicating tb is not great and it has completely disappeared, while there are still traces and remnants of tuberculosis in the world.

This does not mean that tuberculosis will remain forever. Researchers have determined that the disease of tuberculosis will be eradicated forever by 2025, but this is also within the limits of possible research. In this article, we will also talk about The possibility of eradicating tb in the human body. Stay with us.

The possibility of eradicating tb

Hidden tuberculosis infection

In order to know how likely The possibility of eradicating tb , it should be said that most of the tuberculosis infections caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis are hidden.

This microbe is transmitted to people through breathing. Therefore, if there is an infected person in a room and you breathe in that room, you may get tuberculosis infection.

However, most TB infections are hidden and have no symptoms. Only one person out of ten thousand people gets active tuberculosis. But the point is that tuberculosis infection may remain hidden in the person’s body for years, but is there a The possibility of eradicating tb ?

Nearly one-third of people in the world have latent tuberculosis without having any symptoms. If active tuberculosis is not treated, half of the people with this disease will die, which is a worrying statistic.

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Persistence of tuberculosis germs in space

You may be asked how long the tuberculosis germ lasts in space? This microbe survives in dried sputum and suspended dust for eight to ten days. But if the environment is suitable for the growth of this microbe, it may remain active for months. For example, in the shade and areas where the weather is cold and the sun does not shine, this microbe can withstand up to six months.

Therefore, if the infected person is not present in the place, there is a possibility of others contracting tuberculosis, but can we hope for The possibility of eradicating tb ?

The destruction of tuberculosis germs due to sunlight

Tuberculosis germs last up to five minutes in sunlight and are quickly destroyed. This is the reason why the statistics of tuberculosis in countries with warm and sunny climates are much lower than in other countries of the world, and the The possibility of eradicating tb is high.

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How long does tuberculosis remain in the human body?

When the tuberculosis germ enters the human body, it spreads in different organs within 48 hours. If the person’s body has a strong immune system against germs and viruses, the person will not get tuberculosis, but if the person has a weak immune system, the disease may spread in the person’s body and turn into active tuberculosis.

It should be noted that people who suffer from hidden tuberculosis may not have any symptoms, but the tuberculosis germ will remain in their body for a long time and will be destroyed after a long period of time.

Does the tuberculosis germ leave the patient’s body?

If you have a question, does tuberculosis remain in the body forever or is there a The possibility of eradicating tb ?

We must say that this may happen to a person if proper and continuous care is not taken. But if the medicines are taken continuously and the person takes the necessary care, this disease will be removed from his body.

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The duration of taking tuberculosis drugs is six months and this period must be completed. If a person does not take medicines consistently, the microbes in his body may show resistance to the medicine and the previous medicines may not be effective in treating his disease. If the treatment period and the resistance of tuberculosis microbes are prolonged, these microbes will spread in the person’s body and will eventually lead to his death.


Tuberculosis is one of the most dangerous diseases in the world, which can have hidden and active types. In the latent type of TB, the germs remain in the body for a long time and the person does not show any symptoms of the disease, while in the active type, the person may quickly succumb to the disease. To fully cure tuberculosis, the patient must complete the course of medication.