Is tuberculosis a serious disease?

Most people know tuberculosis as a deadly disease.but important question is Is tuberculosis a serious disease ? This shows the seriousness of tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is basically an infectious disease that primarily targets the lungs. Although it can destroy other organs of the body as well. The transmission of tuberculosis is so fast that if you neglect it for a moment, you may get this disease in contact with an infected person.

Breathing in polluted air can quickly prepare the ground for the transmission of this disease. However, various treatments have been discovered for tuberculosis. With the progress and development of medical science, we can count on the new techniques of doctors to treat tuberculosis.

But with all these interpretations, if your question is whether tuberculosis a serious disease ? , we must say yes; tuberculosis a serious disease. We will talk more Is tuberculosis a serious disease  later.stay with us.

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Is the seriousness of tuberculosis the same for everyone?

Considering that the answer to the question in the paragraph above Is tuberculosis a serious disease ? Is the seriousness of tuberculosis the same for everyone?

  no Tuberculosis definitely has different effects on different people. People who have a stronger immune system can optimistically overcome the crisis of this disease with a higher percentage of probability. This is despite the fact that people with weaker immune systems, people with infectious diseases, people who use certain drugs or have underlying diseases show less resistance to tuberculosis and this disease may have more serious effects. Put it on their health.

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Is it possible to reduce the severity of tuberculosis by taking medicine?

The answer to this question requires the examination of several conditions. In most cases, the treatment of tuberculosis disease with therapeutic drugs is effective, but only on the condition that the patient completes the course of taking the drug. Therefore, if the doctor has diagnosed the duration of taking the drug for six months, you must complete the six-month period. Half-ending the period of taking the drug leads to the strengthening of the microbes against the drugs, and as a result, the therapeutic drugs will no longer be responsive to the treatment of tuberculosis.

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On the other hand, the diagnosis of tuberculosis must be given on time. If the patient went to the doctor during the peak period of the crisis, the therapeutic drugs may not be the answer. As a result, one can rest assured that tuberculosis is safe if these things are observed and the person has a strong immune system.

Tuberculosis incidence rate

Many people are exposed to tuberculosis during their lifetime, but nine out of ten people will have a latent infection and one person will have an active infection. As a result, the symptoms of the disease progress only in ten percent of people. Therefore, tuberculosis can be considered as a low risk.

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But if we consider our statistical population as the same ten percent, among these ten percent, fifty percent of people who do not take the treatments seriously will be dragged to death, which is a high number in its own kind. Therefore, we return to the important issue mentioned above; Taking drug treatments seriously.

Social screening for the prevention of tuberculosis

To know whether Is tuberculosis a serious disease , it should be said According to doctors, the treatment of tuberculosis is not so simple. The treatment of this disease requires the use of different antibiotics for long periods of time. These antibiotics should be prescribed in the right dose and the right type. On the other hand, patients may get tired during the treatment period and stop taking the drugs, which will be a warning for the progression of the disease in the future.

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An important point in preventing the spread of tuberculosis is social screening. Some strains of tuberculosis are resistant to multiple antibiotics, so there is a possibility that even drug treatments will not be effective. As a result, the best way to prevent tuberculosis is social screening through bacillus Calmette-Guérin vaccine injection.


Tuberculosis has killed millions of people on the planet. Although the trend of tuberculosis disease has been a downward trend, it has never stopped. Therefore, it cannot be considered a serious disease and Is tuberculosis a serious disease . The traces of tuberculosis disease can still be seen on this planet, with the difference that medical science has also developed a lot in these years, so we can count on new treatment techniques  but Is tuberculosis a serious disease .this lecture was about Is tuberculosis a serious disease for learning about tb visit our site.