Regarding the Bovine tuberculosis its symptoms , it should be said that animals, like humans, have their own specific diseases. Among all the diseases in animals and cattle, bovine tuberculosis is one of the most common.

Bovine tuberculosis is one of the infectious and contagious diseases in animals, which is caused by the bacterium Brucella. This disease is transmitted directly from animal to animal or through eating contaminated food, contaminated water and even air.

Bovine tuberculosis can occur in cattle, sheep, goats, camels and other animals infected with Brucella bacteria. This disease is also transmissible to humans and may occur as an occupational disease in veterinary workers, agriculture, animal breeders, etc. But what are theBovine tuberculosis its symptoms ?

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In the continuation of Afghanistan, Health deals with Bovine tuberculosis its symptoms ; So stay with us until the end of this article.

Bovine tuberculosis, its symptoms

What is bovine tuberculosis?

In relation to Bovine tuberculosis its symptoms , it should be said that bovine tuberculosis is one of the most important diseases in cattle caused by Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP) bacteria.

The term “Court” is also used as another name for bovine tuberculosis, as it was first identified in Court (a region in northern Scotland). This disease was first described in 1895 by Dr. Harry Bullard in England.

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As for the Bovine tuberculosis its symptoms , research shows that this disease exists in many regions of the world, but it is more common in areas where there are industrial livestock farms. For example, in European countries, North America and Australia, bovine tuberculosis is known as one of the most important and dominant diseases in cattle.

In examining Bovine tuberculosis its symptoms , the clinical Bovine tuberculosis its symptoms include emaciation, chronic diarrhea, reduced milk production, and stroke or fatal disease in cows. Bovine tuberculosis causes economic losses to livestock farmers and can also be transmitted to humans. For this reason, it is very important to identify and know the symptoms of bovine tuberculosis and to control this disease. In the following, Afghanistan Health examines the symptoms of bovine tuberculosis.

What are the symptoms of bovine tuberculosis?

Regarding the Bovine tuberculosis its symptoms , it should be said that it is an important and contagious disease that is usually located on the skin, pancreas, intestine, and genital tissues of animals and is caused by the Brucella abortus bacteria. This bacterium can be transmitted to humans by eating milk, urine, births, dealing with infected animal tissues, or even in some cases through the air.

Therefore, it is very important to know the Bovine tuberculosis its symptoms in order to treat it in time. The symptoms of bovine tuberculosis are different according to the severity of the infection and where it is seen in the animal. In most cases, animals with this disease have fever and severe fatigue.
In this case, animals are likely to be less interested in eating food and lose weight during this period due to reduced physical strength. Also, affected animals may have abdominal pain and severe pelvic swelling.

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In more severe cases, Bovine tuberculosis its symptoms may cause infertility in animals. After animals infected with this disease become pregnant, during pregnancy, they can have an abortion or if a child is born, the fetus may be infected with bovine tuberculosis. In some cases, animals suffering from this disease are without visible symptoms. This is a dangerous issue because these animals can still cause disease transmission to other animals or humans.

In the case of Bovine tuberculosis its symptoms in humans, symptoms similar to those of animals are seen. These symptoms include fever, chills, cold sweat and joint pain. Also, bovine tuberculosis may occur in humans without apparent symptoms. In general, recognition and prevention of bovine tuberculosis and its proper treatment are very important and the best way to prevent this disease.

Ways to prevent bovine tuberculosis

Bovine tuberculosis is an infectious and transmissible disease that can be transmitted to other animals and even humans. In this part of Afghanistan Health, to prevent contracting this disease, it recounts some tips that you can use to prevent this disease to a large extent:
1. Vaccination: Vaccination is very important to prevent disease in cattle. Vaccination should start at the age of less than six months to have a better effect on the animal.
2. Control of health conditions: proper health conditions in cattle farms and proper maintenance of cows and compliance with health tips can help control the spread of bovine tuberculosis.
3. Isolation of sick animals: Isolation of animals suffering from bovine tuberculosis can help to reduce the transmission of the disease to other animals as well as humans.
4. Regular testing: In order to identify animals suffering from diseases, regular tests should be done according to the specified schedule in order to prevent the disease and to treat it quickly if it occurs.
5. Surgical control and other diseases: transportation of animals with proper sanitary conditions and prevention of other diseases can also help to reduce the possibility of transmission of bovine tuberculosis.

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final word

Considering the high prevalence of bovine tuberculosis in many regions of the world, such as Africa, America, etc., the importance of its prevention and control is greater than ever.

This disease can cause not only economic losses but also serious health risks for humans and animals as well as food. Therefore, programs for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of bovine tuberculosis should be considered as a serious priority in health policies T and agriculture should be considered.

Accurate knowledge of this disease and new information about it can help prevent and control it. Ways such as vaccination, control of health conditions, separation of sick animals from other animals, regular tests, etc. can be very effective in preventing bovine tuberculosis.

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In this article, Afghanistan Health thoroughly examined the Bovine tuberculosis its symptoms so that you, dear readers, have complete information about this disease.